Mexico City – The Perfect Ending to a Magnificent Country

So here's what we heard about Mexico City: "It's so dirty and polluted - it's unbearable, it's dangerous - do not go out at night and never ever go out by yourself!" The reality: Mexico City is wonderful! In fact, on my very first day as I was strolling down the city street, I felt [...]


Finding Neverland – The Magic of Barra de Potosi, Mexico

At Christmas time, when you are half a world away from your family and friends it is important to find somewhere special to celebrate. That somewhere for us was the tiny Mexican village of Barra de Potosi on the Pacific coast. Passing by you see a dusty road of a town, similar to that of other Mexican [...]

Chasing Whales and Butterflies

Nature Finds Mexico From the HUGE Humpback Whales of the Pacific to the tiny Monarch Butterflies of eastern Canada - the next stage of our Mexican adventure was set. I planned my trip specifically so that I could see these incredible animals at the end of their incredible journeys. Of course, nature is unpredictable - [...]

Mexico? You Gonna Die!

Picture this... We're stepping out of our room in our Casa Particular in Cuba. Our taxi for the airport has arrived - next stop - Mexico. As we grab our backpacks, our hostess - a lady in her 70s or 80s leans forward to embrace us and give us kisses, wishing us well on our [...]

Zipolite – One Beach, Two Suns, Three Dogs and a Few Naked People

I couldn't wait to get to the south coast of Mexico. I had 3 weeks to explore this rugged coastline and it all started here - in a hut, on Zipolite beach. When I started planning this trip I was excited about Zipolite - described as a place where you can easily lose yourself and waste days, lying in [...]

The Crazy of Oaxaca City

We travelled west from Chiapas to Oaxaca City. Oaxaca is famous for its markets and street food. The food, the culture, the art, the music, the smiles, the laughter, the people filled my soul to bursting point. This city took over my senses in about every way imaginable. IT IS MENTAL! I'll take you through [...]

Palenque – A Real Travelling Experience

Deep in the Mexican Chiapas jungle - filming location of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Predator, lie the incredible Mayan ruins of Palenque.   I thought Chichen Itza was impressive but these ruins were just incredible, especially as you could climb on them and venture inside the central palace walls. Again - I'm not a big fan of things that [...]

Travelling is like going for a ride in Howl’s Moving Castle

Here's another wonderful piece of travel advice: Travelling is like going for a ride in Howl's Moving Castle. This magical film of Hayao Miyazaki's has just about saved me on this trip! For those of you who don't know, Howl's Moving Castle is the story of a young girl who is cursed with an old body and, [...]

Chichen Itza – It’s Alright!

I love it when you think something is going to be rubbish and you force yourself into doing it because it's one of those "you have to do it if you're here" scenarios, only to find that everything you experience bulldozes away any preconceptions you have had. I loved Chichen Itza! When I got there [...]

Arriving in Mexico

Let each situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be... What do you mean it's Winter? November/December is an ideal time to come to Mexico - according to the guide books... Flying in over Cancun was miserable. Dark grey, storm filled clouds hung heavy over the landscape. We landed with the [...]