I have set up this section for two reasons:

  • To remind myself of the amount of work I’ve put into planning this trip, and to look back, knowing that it was all worth it in the end! Also, who knows…I might do it all again!
  • To help out anyone else who is considering a life of travel.

Had I had one place where I could access the best advice and resources, then the planning would have been a heck of a lot less stressful.  My budget would have been more realistic and I would have had a lot more time to myself before leaving. I can’t complain though – although it’s been tough, I have learnt from this experience and in some ways enjoyed it. It’s also nice to think that I may be making life a little easier for others too.

My Planning Tips

This section highlights some of the key stages of planning a big trip – from research, to finding an agency, price comparisons and booking flights.

My boyfriend, Seamus, who is also travelling with me, really struggled with this bit. I guess some girls would call it a guy thing but I think I have found a solution to making planning for those who struggle, a little bit easier. It’s called The Pomodoro Technique!  You can read more about that here.

Top 5 Must Do’s Before You leave

If you think going abroad is just about booking flights and landing and finding things out when you get there, think again! Unless you want a whole heap of trouble when you arrive – added expense, being turned away from the airport… here are 5 things you must do before you leave!

Top 5 List for Budget Planning

When I put together my first budget plan there were costs I didn’t consider, such as gear I needed to buy, vaccinations, the taxes I would have to pay, ATM fees…the list goes on. Therefore I’ve compiled a list of ‘Top 5‘ things to consider when planning a budget.

Really Helpful Resources

I have spent a very long time trawling the internet for the best information that has made everything possible for me. Check it out! I have linked to some really great sites, so this will hopefully save you all a lot of time in the planning stages.

Packing Tips

I enjoyed this bit the most! Planning what I’m going to take with me, how I’m going to pack and finding out all the travel hacks has been great fun! I’m such a girl. In this section I share my packing hacks, tips and lists.


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