Mexico City – The Perfect Ending to a Magnificent Country


So here’s what we heard about Mexico City:

“It’s so dirty and polluted – it’s unbearable, it’s dangerous – do not go out at night and never ever go out by yourself!”

The reality:

Mexico City is wonderful! In fact, on my very first day as I was strolling down the city street, I felt it could easily be somewhere I could call my home. Like with any major city in the world you have areas which are considered safe and some not so much – Tottenham, Barking, Dagenham (London).

People really should do a little bit of research before they go travelling.

Here’s what makes Mexico City (and Mexico) so fabulous!

The people

4.4  1489208_10155233465800438_3273693519171998339_n

The art scene

IMG_9717.2  IMG_9742

The quirkiness

IMG_9725  IMG_9882


The creepiness


Beautiful buildings




Pozole-Rojo3-1024x806  IMG_9946

Most importantly – new and wonderful friends


Thank you Mexico!

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