San Cristobal de Las Casas – Rest, Wine and Winter COLD!

We spent 1 more day in Palenque so we could travel to see the ruins of Bonampak in the Lacondon Jungle. It rained, the minibus was air conditioned, it was cold. We returned to our Blair Witch cabin only to realise that all the walls were dripping wet from the humidity. It was gross. I got sick.

Ready for a change of scenery, we left for San Cristobal early.

I was worried about how much worse my cold was going to get. Being away and being sick sucks! I got off the bus and the cold mountain air got to me straight away. It was FREEZING! I’m talking 10 degrees. We were way up in the mountains, so no surprise there really, and on the plus side it was better to be sick and recovering in the cold than in uncomfortable sticky heat.

We booked into a great little hotel just on the edge of town, recommended to us by a friend who knew the family that ran the business. Hotel Posada Las Casas was paradise after the dump we had just stayed in. We had cable TV, a huge comfortable bed that could sleep 4 people, and it was clean! It was so cheap as well!

When you’re in the thick of a cold there’s nothing better than mulled wine, coffee and bakeries. This was San Cristobal all over – coupled with perfect mountain views. I never wanted to leave!

IMG_5472  IMG_5474

I bought myself a pair of thick woolly winter gloves and scarf from the local women, and spent most of my time sitting in La Vina de Bacco – an Italian run wine bar in the heart of town, offering free tapas with every glass of wine ordered. HEAVEN!

IMG_5609   IMG_6135

The wine bar was actually so wonderful it inspired me. Maybe one day I’ll open up my own bar. Be my own boss.

I really loved San Cristobal. There is not an awful lot to do but it’s a place  in which you can happily lose yourself. The people are so friendly, the atmosphere is warm, the air is fresh, the wine is delicious…what more could you possibly ask for?

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