Travelling is like going for a ride in Howl’s Moving Castle

Here’s another wonderful piece of travel advice: Travelling is like going for a ride in Howl’s Moving Castle.

This magical film of Hayao Miyazaki’s has just about saved me on this trip! For those of you who don’t know, Howl’s Moving Castle is the story of a young girl who is cursed with an old body and, in her search for a spell to lift the curse, finds herself on board a flying castle with the wizard, Howl. The castle’s doors open, each time to a different land of cities, mountains, lakes, oceans… It’s an amazing film.


Travelling can be hard

I knew that the likelihood of me returning to Mexico was slim – there’s simply too much of the world that I want to see, so I planned to see as much of Mexico as I possibly could in 2 months, spending on average 3 or 4 days in each location, with 5 – 13 hour bus trips in between.

I don’t know whether it was because we had just left the intensity of Cuba, or because the weather when we arrived in Mexico was miserable and we had to rush through the Yacatuan state in order to get to Palenque, squeezing in one of the wonders of the world – in just 5 days, but something – maybe a combination of all of the above, made me burst into tears on a bus that was taking a 13 hour route into the next state. This was just all so hard! After my job and the years I spent saving, I just needed a break!

I think a lot of people get to this stage when they’re on the move. I was lucky to have had Seamus with me when this happened. He reached over to me and put his arms around me and asked me what was wrong. I just explained that I was tired and my head was just too full of everything I had seen and that I hated the fucking bus! What the hell was I doing here!? He just laughed and held me some more. Eventually he said:

“Just imagine you’re sitting in the living room of Howl’s Moving Castle, and that the front of the bus is the doorway to all these different lands. Wherever we stop will be some place new and exciting.”

That’s all he had to say. I felt instantly better and safe – just knowing that I was on an adventure and to treat it like the magical, fairytale experience that it was.

Now whenever I’m on a bus and I’m tired and negative feelings begin to creep in – I imagine I’m inside Howl’s Moving Castle.

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