Just Step Outside

The best bit of travel advice I have ever had. Just step outside and sit/stand in the same spot for 15 minutes or so. See what happens. Seamus has been travelling before - he knows. A bit tipsy I step outside of a bar in Havana with my camera. A bird is flapping its wings above … Continue reading Just Step Outside


Escape to the Countryside – Vinales

After visiting Las Terrazas, Soraoa and Vinales I felt refreshed. Sure, there was poverty but it felt no where near as oppressive as in the city. Vinales - Fidel and Lester Vinales, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is a beautiful collection of valleys scattered with limestone cliffs (known as Magotes). Farmers drive their oxen and … Continue reading Escape to the Countryside – Vinales

Escape to the Countryside – Soroa

Reynier - Soroa Reynier is my favourite guy in Cuba - we met him in Soroa, a natural settlement and mountain resort lying 95km south west of Havana. Soroa is known as the 'Rainbow of Cuba.'    It is not as common a tourist destination as Vinales which lies further west but the scenery is … Continue reading Escape to the Countryside – Soroa

Cuba – Jineteros and a New Land of Opportunities

The thing that struck me the most from meeting the people in Havana, particularly, was their desperate need to make money - in any which way they could. They aren't aggressive about it but they are relentless and so quick and tactical it's scary. They really do have it down to an art form. Jineteros … Continue reading Cuba – Jineteros and a New Land of Opportunities

Cuba – Behind the Smoke

Freedom is important to Cubans. Many stop at nothing to escape and believe that leaving the country will give them the freedom they so desperately need. With ongoing political and economic instability and an uncertainty of what will happen to the country after Fidel and his brother Raul die, who can blame them for wanting … Continue reading Cuba – Behind the Smoke

Countdown to take-off… You must be so excited?

No. Two weeks ahead of travelling and I know I should be but the truth is I'm just exhausted and don't know how to feel. I'm done with my life in the UK, done with my crappy job and the unnecessary stress and anxiety, done with other people's dramas. I'm just done! My final week … Continue reading Countdown to take-off… You must be so excited?